Indoor plants all over the place

This morning, everywhere I look  I find beautiful homes with greens in them. Hangning, standing and climbing. Am myself a big fan of big plants indoors and try to keep those I got from my mother alive in our apartment. Some of them she has had since my childhood and you cant really call them trendy, but they still give the green feeling of being in a home.

Above pictures are from Arent&Pyke. Interior designers based in Sydney, Australia. Watch the full story “Green thumbs”  here. I really like that big plant in the bay window, almost like having a tree inside.



Still in Sydney, Australia, this pictures are from an apartment with a view in the Sydney Harbour that I layed my eyes on at Desire to Inspire. Again that big plant, like a tree, and in a very beautifully designed and placed “pot”.

Or why not try to hang the plants a bit different? Theese handmade flowerhangers are made by Make Smith Leather Co and I found the inspiration (as often) at DesignSponge.

So, green inside, makes it more fun and relaxing. The nature designes it best sometimes!


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