Moominmamma needs a work place

Am down with a flu, or sinusitis, to be correct. So after trying to work this weekend and on Saturday evening attending a very nice concert I was exhausted on Sunday and my whole sinuses filled with unpleasant things. This is the time I wish I had a job where I could work from home, full time. In a nice office kind of place with inspiring things around me. I would have an inspiration wall and a big desk with place for all kind of activities. Like painting, sewing and writing. I would have a computer that would always work (mine is giving me a lot of trouble right now) and all the worlds music could be put on and be played through the walls. I would always have fresh flowers and the sun would shine through the windows every day. I would even have french doors that could be opened out on a veranda so I could go out there and drink my coffee at break.

Coffee is nice to drink in Arabias moominmuggs. The first one is called Moominmamma and is the one I am currently drinking my coffee in. Then there is moominpappa and Hooray! You can see them and all there friends at Arabia Finland.

A big robust table that could take everything I can put it in danger of. Nice light in the room with white floors, roof and wall. Not always my favorite to go all white but in this setting it is certainly working well. Picture from Design*Sponge.

Inspirational wall! Also from Design*Sponge.

This is absolutely something that could work for me. My one workspace house. Picture from Apartment Therapy.

This is more like my reality. Though this one is from Apartment therapy. Down, thats how my actual workplace looks. An old desk squized in between the bed and the window. I like it though. Inherited  from my grandmothers brother. The lamp and the chair from a second hand shop in town. Even the teakbowl. The painting hiding behind the flower is my one. Painted with great enthusiasm with my four year old. Not the best picture, Iphone is all I got right now.

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