Design methods

When looking for the course book for the course in Design methods that I am starting next week I found a book by the same author as the one we are going to use. It is called Design Thinking; Understanding how designers think and work and it is written by Nigel Cross. He writes like this about design:

“Everyone can-and does-design. We all design when we plan for something new to happen, whether that might be a new version of a recipe, a new arrangement of the living room furniture, or a new layout of a personal web page. the evidence from different cultures around the world, and from designs created by children as well as by adults, suggests that everyone is capable of designing. So design thinking is something inherent within human cognition; it i s a key part of what makes us human……..Everything that we have around us has been designed. anything that isn’t a simple, untouched piece of nature has been designed by someone. The quality of that design effort therefore profoundly affects our quality of life. The ability of designers to produce effective, efficient, imaginative and stimulating designs is therefore important to all of us.”

Put it in my reading list at Google books and am looking forward to get the course book Engineering design methods: strategies for product design (by Nigel Cross), and to start the course.


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