Hanging on the wall

This post is for my sister. When hanging out this last weekend we discussed hanging art and photos on the wall and agreeing that it is one of the most difficult things. Our walls at home are still quite bare. The only things that came up at once when moving in was the old String shelfs but that is only because we need to put books in them. Well I started looking for tips and found this really thorough guides for hanging art and making a photowall. Both from SAS Interiors-inspired design for your space where you can find alot of tips about other interior issues aswell.

Check this out:

The art of hanging art

Useful ideas and layouts to create a photo gallery wall

This last post I found is about kids art display and is perfect for me and my girl. Just check the tape! Now it’s just to choose the door, and the wall, and start producing (which is never a problem here).

Garage entry: Kids art display 

All pictures from sasinteriors.net as you can see. Happy wallhanging!

4 thoughts on “Hanging on the wall

  1. Wow, thank you! We really need to do research before we put our art on the wall. Btw, the wallpaper we found is ordered 😄
    Love you! Puss


    1. Hi Laura! Am happy you found them useful. I really have difficulties hanging things on walls because it feels so definite. So a lot of inspiration needed to get it right! Good luck!


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