Jenny again


Atumn is here, a new time is coming, Jenny again

I thought the other day, why not try this with blogging again? And shortly after that my dad, of all people, asked why I didn´t write a blog again, so I get all my urge for creativity and wanting to write out of the body. Well, for once I listened and this is what will come:

1. Not very much about me and my life, more about what makes me inspired and happy. And what makes me smile on a cloudy day.

2. Houses, homes, house plans, magazines about houses, homes etc. Am an addict to interior design and everything that has to to with houses and living inside and outside them. Architecture in general is something that can get my heart skip an extra beat.

3. Patterns! Just love them. On wallpaper, textile and paper. On everything really. Especially care for patterns inspired from Africa and the nature. One of my best things to do while in Africa is looking for african textiles.

4. Industrial and product design is something I take interest in hence there is so much thought behind smart things. More thought and much more difficult than we thing. How human beings interact with the machines and products created is also very interesting.

4. Creativity, art and fashion and anything else beautifully designed will appear whenever I get along it. And if it is smart and sustainable it makes me enjoy even more.

So welcome to follow this blog and its development to become something I hope will give me, and others, inspiration and knowledge.

/Jen (thinking about all things designed)


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