Pieces of inspiration




This week my girl has been sick so we had to stay at home. She is one of the most inspirational people in my life. Right now saying magnificent things all day through. This is what we did:

          A late walk for me when the dad came home. Our small Swedish town nowadays have a typical

Amercian Donut car in the middle of the avenue. Lightens the street in the dark.

Baking mudcake. A favourite since I was young. With a Zambian nshima-stick,

the perfect kitchen appliance that work for all kinds of baking and cooking. 

Drawing. And this is Alice view of the perfect family, mum, dad, her and her baby brother

that is not here (and not planned either). We are all centipieds on a green lawn with a sky so so blue. 

Baking bread. One of our favorite things! Especielly since we have borrowed my mums

Electrolux kitchen assistant

The yarn we bought is becoming a scarf for Alice. She is commanding me to knit faster. 

And I received a new bag I bought. It´s almost petrol and feels very good. From MAS(que)NADA

5 thoughts on “Pieces of inspiration

    1. Yes she is gorgeous my little one (though I am very bias =) ). She is always sick in the winters. Now it is better.


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