This time of the year…

…when it is getting darker and darker every day and it can take days before the sun pleases us with a visit. My husband often says that every Scandinavian winter he survives is a blessing and a miracle and he does not understand how people can remain here longer than they have too. Well, we do not always have much of a choice and growing up here has taught me to handle it. One way is to dream about the Holidays. Soon November is over and Christmas is approaching. And even if we do not Christmas clean all the cupboards and organize everything perfectly well (as it looks that everybody else have time to do 😉 ) it is a wonderful time for enjoying candle light, warmth inside the house and time with family. The first snow can fall in December and then we have a reason to go outside again and play.  And soon it is here. Am right now listening to Christmas music and getting in the mood.


Another way of forgetting that it is November is to look at pictures from the summer holiday. We went to Zambia and got more than enough of the beautiful sun light. It was the dry season so warm and very dry it was. Had one day in four weeks with five minutes of rain. Zambia was not green as last time I visited, it was yellow, brown, red and orange. Beautiful!

All pictures taken by me in Kafue and Lusaka area of Zambia, with a Samsung digital camera.

4 thoughts on “This time of the year…

    1. The country is Zambia in Southern Africa and the place is Kafue Gorge which is south of the capital Lusaka along Kafue river. Lived there at the power station run by Zesco. Very beautiful place!


  1. Not everyone has time to do thorough cleaning before Christmas. I’m one of those people!

    The pictures from Zambia are just wonderful. I wish to go back soon.


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