Winter update, yes it is still around…

vinter 12-13 450

I become like a bear in the winter. Almost going to sleep, burying myself in the mood of no motivation. Think it is my strategy of surviving the cold and dark months. So imagine my happiness last week when the sun came out and was even a bit warming! Pure joy. But oh, it came back, this morning the ground was covered in white, light snow and the sky was grey again. The typical Swedish winter and for you that have never experienced one and think it gets easier every year, it doesn’t. Am not young any longer, years are pilling, and my experience is that it gets harder and harder. So above is last time we had proper sun ;-). And below follows pictures from the rest of the times during fall when the sun visited. Also the pictures are mostly on my complete joy in life, regardless of season! ❤

vinter 12-13 187vinter 12-13 190vinter 12-13 229vinter 12-13 291 vinter 12-13 296 vinter 12-13 299 vinter 12-13 304 vinter 12-13 370

From top: Alice and Johanna on walk in Stockholm, Alice and me on a walk at Hunneberg, same as previous, us on a walk at Kållandsö, Alice and Nelson on a visit at Retroprylar, Alice at townsquare in Trollhättan, Alice with dad in town, Alice (again) listening to a concert and last Alice in a party mode.

So long, who knows, spring might be here next time!


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