Sarjaton by Iittala, talking to my Scandi and African style

Last years collection from Iittala, Sarjaton, is a beautiful piece of design. I stumbled upon a series of pictures at decordots, a blog written by Anu that has a big interest of Scandinavian design. For me as a swede scandi design is all over and a piece like Sarjaton easily disappears in the masses, but when seeing all the pictures together it vowed me over and I am in love. Sarjaton is simple, classic and easily used in all kinds of environments. I am actually thinking of it as a perfect series to bring to Zambia and live with there. Reminding of home in Scandinavia but still connected to the bigger picture through the simple pattern. I asked my husband what he thinks about it an he likes it, says it even looks like it could have been designed in Africa and I agree. The pattern is universal. Just look at the pictures on traditional African patterns down and compare to the simple pattern on Sarjaton, not so far apart according to me!

Sarjaton by Iittala

Sarjaton-by-Iittala A-cup-from-Sarjaton-collection-by-Iittala-2

Sarjaton pieces 






iittala_com-product_page_460px-template (1) iittala_com-product_page_460px-template (2) iittala_com-product_page_460px-template

Above African prints and patterns and beautiful Sarjaton pieces again designed by four different designers and designer teams Aleksi Kuokka, Harri Koskinen, Musuta and Samuji. Read more about them here and here. This is gonna be our new every day dishes for sure! Read somewhere that the best designer is the designer most traveled and here it could be true.


8 thoughts on “Sarjaton by Iittala, talking to my Scandi and African style

  1. Oooh, yes this collection is gorgeous! I’m really into tribal prints right now, thanks for the heads up on these pieces. Thanks for stopping by, lovely to ‘meet you’!


    1. Yes, nice “meeting” you too :-). Seems wonderful living in Singapore. We are dreaming (and secretly planning) our life in Zambia. Believe sun is crucial for a more relaxed lifestyle.


    1. Hey! Unfortunatly 😉 I am a swede living in Sweden still, but planning to move to Zambia. My husband is zambian. And you?


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