Missed furniture fair and talented friends

I was supposed to go to Stockholm during the furniture fair in February. I had maid sure I had a long weekend off and all, but I got the flu and was out of contest for two weeks. At the furniture fair I wanted to see my friends Ola and Jenny (and Joel, their co-designer) show their newly designed furniture after graduating from design school in Lund. They did well! Ended up in Residence, a Swedish interior design magazine (see below). The trio, Ola, Jenny and Joel, call them self Stoft Design and where picked as a favorite on the fair by Swedish jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter. Read more about Stoft design and there work here. They call the project for the fair mechanical thoughts and it is inspired, in their own words, by “complex mechanisms and mechanical movement”.  ILLUSTRATION_MASSA_PRINT

Up: Illustration “mechanical thoughts” by Stoft Design
Down: The cabinet in Residence 

20130321-164354.jpgJenny Ekdahl  is a very talented illustrator and has started to sell her stuff online through Socitey6. My daughter got one of her beautiful prints this autumn and has it in her room. The one with called KRANIUM. But now you can get her prints on iphone cases, skins and pillows. Check it here Jenny Ekdahl at Society 6. I am very keen on buying one of the iphone cases. And they seem to be shipping all over the world.

Down:  Some of Jenny’s work that can be found at Society6.


Hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Missed furniture fair and talented friends

  1. I want one of those Iphone cases as well. I’m very sorry too you missed out on Furniture fair. Stoft’s furniture were great and stood out in the competition. Very talented friends, indeed!


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