About time for an update

After a long and sunny summer it is now beginning to become autumn. A bit cooler, or somedays alot cooler, but still weather is treating us nice this year in Sweden. Me on the other hand has not treated this blog nice but life has offcourse continued anyway. One reason for mistreatment is that I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby in December. I have had quite a tough pregnancy so far so energy levels have been very low. Have not forgotten my interest for all things designed thoug (now meaning both the blog and actual things, like for exampel strollers 😉 ). Have come to accept that I am a real nerd and after selling all of the strollers we had for Alice, we had three at home but in total we bought five different ones for her, and doing a lot of research I found a used one that was in very good condition and worth the money. We are now honping, and especially my husband, that this stroller will fit all our needs. It is a Bugaboo Cameleon and can be designed just as I like.

Here a short update on this years summer life:

sommar 2013 130

2013 568

2013 1485

2013 1339

sommar 2013 328

2013 1476

2013 596

sommar 2013 318

sommar 2013 324



sommar 2013 229

Pictures from above: 1. M fixing the barbecue, he is a master, 2. Alice and friend Assar on a walk holding hands, 3. Alice pushing the new Bugaboo stroller and imagining how it is to be a big sister, 4. M teaching Alice and friend Muko how to fish, 5. The view over lake Vänern, 6. Alice pushing a doll stroller from my childhood, 7. More barbecuing, 8. One happy child, 9. Alice biking her big girl bike, 10. Alice and me on Midsummer celebrations. 


2 thoughts on “About time for an update

  1. About time you updated your blog! I’m keen on sering more pictures on your new stroller and the green something (forgot what it was) that you’ve bought. And hey, what about doing some comersial for the-nice-man-in-the-white-t-shirt’s newly released blog about returning to his origins. experienceofkorea.wordpress.com


    1. Yes that is a good idea! Am so looking forward to read what you will be up to over there. It is an amazing journey for R. And you too off course. Let me do that soon. And more pics on the stroller and the green hood is certainly coming. 😉


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