New design for the iphone from Apple, time for a new one?

Has needed a new phone for a couple of months now. My iphone 4 is going on its last gears, had it for 3 years in October, but have been waiting for the new iphone releases since I didn´t find the iphone 5 to be different enough for switching the 4 for. And now they are here. They are two models and my mobile provider actually texted me yesterday that the news are out (want to sell much?).   First the 5C model which is supposed to be a cheaper variant but still with almost the same features that the iphone 5 and then the 5S model which I dont really know whats so new. Exept that it says it has some kind of fingerprint Touch ID in the home button!!

So what do you think?

Me I like the coulours. Of both models actually. More stylish on 5S wich can be bought in silver, gold and space grey, but fun that with strong blue, pink, green and yellow on 5C.

So is it time for a new iphone this autumn?

The iphone 5C

Check the video below for more info on the 5C:

The iphone 5S

Read more on the 5S at

And a video about the 5S.

Alice thinks I should get the goldy one. “Mum, its gold, you have to have THAT one”. Well, we will see.

All pics from

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