Pregnancy and baby gear

Being pregnant is not always easy. There is this image of beautiful bellies and harmonic planning of baby rooms etc etc. Well it is a lot of that too, but for me pregnancy is mostly just a long journey until the big reward. This pregnancy I got problems with pelvic pains very early. Already in week 10 I got it and from then I have been very limited in what I can physically do. For example I cant work at my regular job as a nurse in the ICU and more I cant walk or run which is something I enjoy doing a lot. So much time is spent just doing what I can like baking bread, with a machine =), and doing hand craft like knitting. Since the baby hormones is haunting me too I can google strollers and other baby gear for hours. Here are one of the favorites I found so far:


Wonderful design by swede Camilla Lundsten. Not only baby gear here, a lot of nice cushions, fabrics, bags and more. I was so lucky to get a gift card for one of the bags as a birthday gift last week, yeayh! But still have to pick the model. The pattern I have chosen is the black one called saga forest, the one with trees and elephants. Now its just if I should get the day bag (down to the left) or the messenger bag (up and down to the right). What do you think?


And as you can see down Littlephant also has a collaboration with Lindex Store on baby and children clothes. It is so cute and cool and has become very popular among parents and kids. I adore the patterns and colours!

Some of my favorites from the collection:

Cute and cool for sure. Also be sure that more baby related stuff will appear hear during the last couple of months.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy and baby gear

    1. Ja, de är så fina! Faller ofta för mönster som är afrika inspirerade. När vi är i Zambia kan jag inte sluta handla chitenges. Har med mig flertalet hen varje gång. Här finns både kuddar, lampskärmar och diverse väskor av chitenge :-). Så kul med färg och mönster och uppiggande mot den skandinaviska svalheten. /Jenny


  1. Wow you’ve picked some really gorgeous things here! Sorry to hear about the pregnancy being a little difficult though, I hope it’s all ok.


    1. Pregnancy is going forward so it is just to stand it like it is. Will have a good outcome so worth suffering for. And not to forget all the nice baby things that are out there. /Jenny


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