Autumn in pictures

This pregnant mum is still tired and have almost zero energy but the last couple of weeks have been active anyway. Baby is gonna come early due to certain circumstances and because of that all has been about preparing and trying to enjoy resting and each other. Best shown in pictures of what we have been up to. Enjoy!

A wonderful family working weekend at the summer house. Garden work and time together. 

Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 19 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 38 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 39 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 47 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 51 Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 52 (1) Photo 2013-10-19 23 00 52

Celebrated Zambias independece day with nshima, meatballs and spinach.Photo 2013-10-24 19 00 13

Resting in the sofa on a Friday evening.

Photo 2013-10-25 18 58 46

Stomach growing day by day. 

Photo 2013-10-28 11 22 49

It was raining the whole autumn break week so Alice and me made an art project in the living room. First we picked autumn leaves in different colours, then tracing them on a big canvas and finally painting them with all amazing colours we could come up with. 

Photo 2013-10-28 15 36 56

Photo 2013-10-30 17 08 56

Photo 2013-11-14 11 31 43

Also had the chance to meet my childhood friends for a weekend of talk and fun. Some pregnant, some babies and some soon back to work. Typical for this age. 

Photo 2013-11-02 15 56 19

Photo 2013-11-02 15 56 33

And Alice is growing, here prepared to go for her first school dance. Oh my!

Photo 2013-11-08 17 21 50

Baby crib ready for baby, with nest and blankets. 

Photo 2013-11-09 16 00 47

4 thoughts on “Autumn in pictures

  1. Wow, such lovely images, you have a beautiful family Jenny! I can’t believe that autumn painting is a DIY, it looks incredible professional – a step above your average Mum-daughter endeavour I think!


    1. Thanks Elly! Yes we are quite proud of it, still havent hung it though. Its standing on the floor like most art ends up in our home. Have difficulties putting nails in the walls. 😉


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