Life through the eyes of Alice

Life right now is really all about kids. Should start a blog called all things designed kids and it might get updated. But thats how it is. It is really not less beautiful, the life with kids, its even better than without. At least most of the days. And they are amazing our kids. Guess most parents feel like that (but ours are for real ;)). Alice has the most amazing eye for things and all the photos below she took with our new camera.

Well, to celebrate kids and summer and all things designed I am playing around a bit with a new look. Say what you think. And I will keep posting. Kids or not, I like doing this.

DSC_2092 DSC_2108 DSC_2109 DSC_2117 DSC_2119 DSC_2120

2 thoughts on “Life through the eyes of Alice

    1. Ja, verkligen. Och jag såg dem inte förrän jag satte minneskortet i datorn. Kul med barns kreativitet!


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