Fitness and health

After having two kids and quite tough pregnancies it is a bless to be able to work out again. I am doing it pretty serious since I felt like I need to build strenght and be healty to manage my life. In February I bought a book (Thanks Olga Rönnberg author of Träning för nyblivna mammor) and my husband said: “Since when does it work to get strong and fit by bying a book”. By now he believes it can work and I feel stronger than ever. And the best of it all is that I manage to train with my kids and things going around, for example having food on the stove.

So to get some extra effect during summer I decided to make July my fitness month! And this week went so good. Am really proud of myself. And when training more I feel like the only clothes I need is fitness clothes. And shoes. I like my Nikes but they are getting too outworn so on my shoppinglist is now some training shoes to die for and some things cool to sweat in!

1. Famly gym session. 2. Nike Free Run 3. Adidas Originals 4. Peak Performance Lavvu Print Tights 5. Adidas Duramo 6. Tank top Nike 7. Flower prints on top from Lululemon





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