The hunt for the perfect stroller

This previous week I have been changing strollers like they where pants. And truth to be told I enjoy switching a bit since the stroller is one of the things we use the most to Sylvia. When Alice was a baby she didnt like going in the stroller and we had to carry her alot. Sylvia loves the stroller and so far we have had seven different ones. It all started with a group on facebook and me wanting a project. The project became an old Emmaljunga Edge that I can tell you more about another time, but after that it continued. And after all, I have managed to buy already used ones and sold them for more or the same as I bought them for so it doesnt have to be a costly project. That though it can be if you buy the wrong stroller from the beginning. I do recommend reading up on what kind of stroller will fit your life and how much money it costs new and on the second hand market. In Swedish (but sure google translate will do the job otherwise) there is two blogs I can recommend to go through before doing the first big purchase for your baby. Check out Elins blog Barnvagnsblogg and Annas blog Allt om barnvagnar.

1.Bugaboo Bee 2.Kronan Sulky (won this one) 3. Mountainbuggy Swift 4. Bugaboo Cameleon

Which strollers have you loved or not loved? Or did your baby like being carried more than strolling?



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