It seems like the rains are over

It has been 9 days since me and the girls landed in Lusaka and time has been flying by. First it was raining, the finishing of the rainseason which means some days with very heavy rains. Then we have been settling and it is hard work. Cleaning, organising, building, painting. I miss IKEAbecause furniture is very tricky to buy and we are happy we sent our sofa and alot of other useful stuff with cargo. We are trying to get into everydaylife. On Saturday Alice started ballet lessons and today she has swedish lessons at swedish school in Lusaka. We are figuring out where it is best to buy our food and which roads to drive to avoid trafic. More or less, we are quite busy. Kids are doing amazing and Alice mostly wants to stay at home with grand ma and the cousins when we haveto run errands. They are getting to know each other nicely and taking over the house with their games.

My view right now, the pool at the Swedish school. Just a drink missing ;-).

Be back soon (or as soon as wifi is good)


3 thoughts on “It seems like the rains are over

  1. Tänk att jag som bott här i 11 år aldrig satt min fot vid svenska skolan! Låter som ni sakta men säkert kommer på plats. Nästa gång jag åker till lusaka tar vi en fika! 🙂


    1. Det låter jättebra Elina! Sen kommer vi gärna till Kabwe och hälsar på också. 🙂


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