Our house becoming a home

We are working very hard to make the house our place. Mayanis mother have been living here for quite a long time now and Mayani has prepared her for us coming and taking over but it is still a period of adaption and figuring out how to live together. We are from very different ways of living and I am coming with a strong sence of keepimg things in order (even if our home in Sweden more or less always where a complete mess ;-)). But here I am the queen of keeping things in its place. Maybe it is because the house is big or the feeling of having a chance to start fresh, but I am organizing things and cleaning the house more or less every day. My mother- and sister-in- law are trying to keep up with my constant replacing of things to figure out where they should fit best.

We also feel like nothng is getting done even if we work hard and fall asleep hard in the sofa every night! I guess it is because there is so much to get done. But to summarize we have finished the kids bedroom, built a bench/cover for the bed, prepared the backyard for flatstones and put grass, built a wardrobe in the hallway, installed DStv and cleaned the house of all things that shouldnt be there. My mother-in-law saves everything! She is just like my fathers mother was.    

Alice, Sylvia and Bobo on the bench.

Under the umbrella tree is where our veranda will be with flagstones.

Alice playing with friends in the kids room.

DStv getting installed! Sylvia supervising the work.

More photos are coming as soon as we get things done!

Love, Jenny

6 thoughts on “Our house becoming a home

  1. å så kul och spännande att läsa om ert nya liv. Förstår att det är mycket som ska göras. Vi var helt slut efter vår flytt och då var det bara 40 mil och till ett färdigt, fullt fungerande hus med svensk standard.
    Ser fram emot att läsa om fortsättningen😄


  2. It Will be very fun to visit your home in Lusaka, With this new housewife you have become, keeping the house in order. Love


  3. Vad roligt att läsa om hur ni har det! Ser fram emot fler bilder och berättelser. Kram / Carina


  4. Förstår att det känns konstigt och att det är en period där alla måste hitta sina roller. Roligt att läsa om hur ni har det. Kramar


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