Load shedding and flu season

Time moves very quick even here in Lusaka. So quick that I hardly find time to blog. My Nexus phone is now working though and it is easier to blog from. Am trying MTN as a internet provider on this one and will compare if it is better than Airtel. The whole internet and mobile data provider is a story in itself that I am not gonna drag you into, but lets say it is not as convenient and price worthy as in Sweden.

We have also experienced that there is a flu season even here and even if it is warm as Swedish summer with 22-26 degrees during day with strong sun and around 10-14 in the night we have still gotten sick. Alice and Sylvia last weekend and now me and today Mayani woke up with a flu. We are trying to be less busy so we all rest more. Even going to shop food here can feel like a huge project! Well, we have left papers for me on immigration and Mayani has left applications on all places he can come up with but no job yet. We are keeping fingers crossed and trying to take care of each other while waiting.

More news are the resent start of load shedding from Zambias electricity provider Zesco. Last two weeks they have cut electricity between 6-8 hours per day! They are suppose to follow a schedule but so far it is very irregular. Which means we don’t know when we have electricity or not. We feel lucky that we decided to buy a gas stove but dark nights and having the fridge off for so long is not so fun. People seemed used though and don’t get very bothered by it. For us it is completely new and very annoying!

Down some photos from the last weeks.


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