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Alice first term at Chudleigh House school here in Lusaka, Zambia is soon coming to an end. They have their last day tomorrow. I am impressed of Alice and the way she has handled the transition into a whole new environment. School is very different here and has been good for her in many ways but there is also a lot of things that is a challenge. English is not one of them, she is now fluent in English and does well on the tests. Yes, tests, they have tests and grades already which is one of the big differences. She doesn’t seem to think so much about it though. She just does them and is happy when she comes home with 100 procent.

Otherwise we are in a period of waiting. Mayani is waiting for a start day on a job he got offered but he doesn’t want to believe it until he finally starts. Me I am waiting for him to start working and to get some projects of my own. Have decided to continue with studying again and feel like it will give me alot if opportunities here in Zambia. Want to finish a Master in public health this time. 🙂 While waiting we are trying to not spend money and spend alot of time with friends and family. Not bad either!
Here we are eating dinner with friends and extended family. Not seldom we are this many at the table.

wpid-wp-1436265404521.jpgAlice and Sylvia with their friends by our gate.

wpid-img_20150630_172357.jpgMayani cooking in our outdoor kitchen. Works as barbecue, stove and oven. He even managed to bake Hönökaka.

wpid-img_20150630_172325.jpgMum resting in the sunset.


Polished concrete floors are dangerous for the kids. Mayani has told the maid (yes we have a maid now) to stop polishing them.


Enjoying a cappuccino at Levy Junction mall.


Sylvia and the Bee outside the mall.


Construction of a new road going on in our area. They are soon done. August is a very dusty month. There was once a Zambian lady that told me to not go places because if the dust and I found her very silly, now I am starting to grasp where those comments came from.

wpid-img_20150805_125409.jpgHappy kids going to buy bubble gum! Florence, Sylvia, Alice and Moses. Cousins and the constant noises in this home and in my head!

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10 thoughts on “Every day life kinds of stuff

  1. Ja det måste vara lite skillnad från den svenska skolan. Kul att hon ändå anpassat sig så bra. Håller tummarna för. mayanis jobb. Själv börjar jag om en vecka igen efter ett långt sommarlov. Ska bli kul! Kram


    1. Sommarlovet är redan över! Tiden springer iväg. Känns som nyss alla gick på semester. Ni verkar ha haft ett trevligt lov dock 🙂


  2. Härligt att höra att det går bra för Alice! Kontraster! Underbart att följa er. Håller tummarna för att M får jobbet. Har precis lämnat båda tjejerna på samma dagis och vet inte vad jag ska ta mig för. Inskolning pågår för I. Nästa vecka börjar jag jobba igen. Ser fram emot dina inlägg vännen. Massa kramar!!!


  3. Det känns bra att läsa om ert annorlunda men varma hem! Du är saknad! Om det är något ni behöver som jag kan skicka så hör av dej!!! Lova det! Kramar Milla


    1. Gullig du är Camilla! Saknar er alla med! När vi har en adress kan du få skicka lite kaviar ;-). Kramar


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