Here we go again.

Hi. Again.

Do not know what time this is for me. To start a new blog. It´s not new this time in any way though, new in the way that it will be about something new, it will be about the same as all the other ones where, about me, the family and our life. What it means right now is parenting, juggling a new (yeah, that shit is new) chronic disease, moving countries (because of said disease we are back in Sweden for a while), work and what we are doing for fun. For me that means a lot of watching tv-series, doing yoga and reading books. We also love a good second hand find and now when summer is here there is no problem to find a nice Loppis (vintage market) around the country side. I also still like reading and thinking about interiors and design but since we now live in an apartment in Örebro, Sweden and not in our house in Lusaka, Zambia the actual doing of our projects are on hold.

So some quick facts, mum Jenny from Sweden, dad Mayani from Zambia. We met in 2006 in Lusaka, Zambia at UTH School of Nursing. Yes, we are both nurses. Dad reschooled after moving to Sweden in 2007 and is since 2014 an electrical engineer. I work in the neonatal now but has a history in ICU nursing. Really love neonatal so think I will be stuck there. We have two daughters, Alice, 10 and Sylvia, 4. We moved to Lusaka in 2015 and planned to stay there. We had built a house since 2008 and wanted to finish it and work if wee found jobs. We did. But last summer we where back here in Sweden for my sisters wedding (amaaaazing!) and unfortunatly I got sick, a chronic disease called psoriasis arhtitis (I propably had it longer but had almost no symptoms in Zambia). We thought of staying so I could get treatment here and now I am on medicine that seems to take TIME to get to a good dose. But when we decided to stay last summer it went quick. Within three months we both had jobs, a big and nice rental apartment and kids are in good schools.

I am a notorious mover, have had so many addresses since I moved from my parents at 19, that I stopped counting. I have never felt like I needed to be in one place for long, I always know how to make a home. Maybe it is that I am getting old, or that I right now actually can´t choose where I live, but I am starting to feel like the roots need to go down. Like I need soil to stabilize me, to ground. Will see where this feeling takes us.

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2 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am going through something and have almost stopped blogging….so inspired by this! Sorry to hear you fell ill, I did wonder what happened as you seemed to integrate so well on the continent, in your house and it was nice to have a fellow Swede “around” 🙂 I have come to u derstand tropical climates are good for some chronic conditions, But of course treatment is more available in Sweden. Looking forward to learning more about your new life!


    1. Thank you Kajsa! Realized that blogging is helping me transition. It’s alot for myself and my mental health 😁. And also I think there is enough voices out there trying to make life look perfect when it is almost never so. Think people need more real voices and what life actually is. So I am going to try being as true as possible! We are planning to move back as soon as my medication is good. But will have to medicate the rest of my life and being in the warmth might help to keep the pain in order. I did also feel like had started integrated well but there will be more time for that later. Thanks for reading!


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