Early mornings, not so much

Good morning!

I am up quite early today. The alarm went off at 07.00. And this is early for me nowadays. Since I got sick it has gotten a problem to go out of bed too early. The alarm can go off but my body won’t just move. It’s stiff and in pain. It’s not all mornings but more common than not common. So like today, when I know I have to get up at 07 I just hope that it will work. And luckily I got out of bed, put on coffe and woke everybody else up because we were going for soccer cup!

Alice started playing in Örebro SK as soon as we moved in last August and this spring they have started with cup every week. They are so many girls in her team that they even put two groups up for the cup. They are very well organised and the girls have so much fun. We try to go see every game Alice play. We pack some sandwiches and drinks and even have ugly chairs and chitenges with us to sit on on the side and support. Feel like a proper soccer mum. Or maybe it’s just that I was a soccer girl and I kind of miss playing myself. I played for a long time and I would have love to be able to play a full game again. Has to be put on my wish list!

Sylvia loves it too even if she has no team of her own yet. We bought her soccer shoes on second hand and she can’t wait until she is big enough for her own team.

So, what do you think, soccer mum or soccer wannabe?


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