Our house in Lusaka

Hi again!

Monday again, this weeks are just speeding forward. Soon midsummer! How was your weekend? I spent it with one of my oldest friend and her friends. Some time away from the kids and a night in their house. Made me miss our house in Lusaka! Just living in a house, being able to just open the door and walk out in the sun (another thing I miss during of the winter).

We were back in our house in Zambia for vacation in March and I took some photos that we can look at while we long for our next trip to the sun. Sweden has not been bad on giving us sun during May though, have had fantastic summer weather here, 28 degrees yesterday and too hot to sit on the balcony. Today it even felt fresh and nice with some rain.

We do use our balcony alot here. Even planting tomatoes, maize, beans and some herbs. Urban gardening on a very small scale. In Zambia we have an avocadotree, a mango tree, grenadilla (passionfruit), grapewine and alot of other eatable plants. But alot can be done on a balcony too! Just have to do with what we have now.

I hope you have a good start on the week. We have end of school on Thursday and a wedding on Saturday. Looking forward!

Here is some photos from our Lusaka home:



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