Just keep doing yoga

Well, this is about to be a reminder for myself. And some tips on where to find good yoga for thoose who are interested to try it out. I do need to remember to do my yoga though. Every day.

I have had both a good and bad week last week. Good since I got to go to a wedding on the countryside and meet most of my friends, and bad since I have had a bad week pain wise. Last week, one day was good, the rest I was feeling either bad from the medicine I am on or in pain from the arthitis. And this shit makes me in a bad mood on top of that! How do you learn to live with a chronic disease? Well I am a nurse so I should know, right? Being a patient is not easy I can tell you that. And some say that health personnel are the worse patients because they tend to know it all and ask for help to late. I sure belong to that last group. BUT, yesterday when I got sick from the medicine and a head ache I decided to call the clinic and book an appointment and ask for help, so this morning I did. And I also decided that this vacation I am going to do all I can to take care of myself, and this includes doing YOGA! So I did. Today I did yoga and it feels so good. The pain does not go away but the body starts feeling different, heavy, like a good feeling of heavy and grounded. Which is a nice change from the pain for a bit. So to remind myself, do yoga! And do it every damn day.

I do yoga mostly at home. When I was 20-something and a student nurse I took a yoga course but since then I have mostly done yoga at home and on my own. I still do want inspiration and tips though, but right now I can not do any head stands or crazy inversions anyhow, so it is quite enough to go to social media and the internet to get inspired and knowing what to do. But also, like one of my insirations Yoga Girl says, feel what the body needs. Today it was just Rachel Brathen, or Yoga Girl that inspired me. I did this sequence minus the hand stands and I couldnt get up in bridge pose either. So go chech her instagram out and I also listen to her podcast most weeks. She is down to earth and completely honest and I like that. No fuss, no pretend. A lot of feelings and real talk.

Two other cool yoga women I get inspired by is Kathryn Budig and Adriene Mishler.

Kathryn I came along long time ago when I was reading Yoga Journal (still do, recommend!) and they had videos you could download for free on their homepage. Kathryns videos are still available at YogaGlo, which is a service you pay per month but you can do unlimited yoga classes with tonnes of different teachers. I have used it but not right now I am not. She also has her own page and a podcast, check it out, if you feel like being inspired!

Adriene Mishler is Yoga with Adriene. She has cool, relaxed yoga videos for free on Youtube and she also started a whole community around her yoga called Find What Feels Good. There you pay and also get a lot of yoga classes to choose from. I have not tried this but I have done a lot of her free videos and even though she started the pay service she is still releasing one free video per week. Pretty awesome!

Go check them out. The payed services do have free trial periods all of them. Or just start with what you can find for free and a yoga mat. And feel your body!

And you need to see some photos from the best pat of last week, the Wedding! Everything was lovely. The setting, the weather and the people!

20180616_1546495466445232038495112.jpgThe small, cute church of Ås in my home town. My great great grandmother lived in this village (but thats a whole other story), my friend lives just close by and this is where they got married. img_20180616_171304_9616340154152829017401.jpgThe beautiful couple and their cute kids. This day had so much love!
img_20180616_170849_1384485355547440911534.jpgMr and Mrs Changala, all cleaned up and in wedding mood!img_20180617_184926_5244006638900560352297.jpgDriving home looking out over the countryside of my childhood. Flat and right now pretty green. 

I hope you have had a good start on this week!

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