Winter, I don´t love you

Today was the first day that I could take a walk in over a week. It was 5 degrees warm and a bit of sun. The rest of this new year has been cold. Like Sylvia says; I don´t love this. I have always had more difficulties with winter darkness and the cold than any other season here in the north. But now it has totally peaked, this new chronic disease of mine makes it worse. I am now sensitive to the cold even and get more pain than when it is warm. And no sun. I am not even enjoying spending time with people that enjoy winter. I just don´t want to not listen to anything positive about winter. Makes me even more pissed. But today it was 5 degrees, and almost sunny, and I could walk a very slow and short walk outside. It gives hope and reminds me that spring is coming. Sunshine will be back. And when I get a period of this pain I get, I also get reminded that I have to take better care of myself when I am not feeling this shitty. I have to be kind to myself and take time to take care of my health. Yoga helps. Warm showers does good. Short walks when its not to cold. Painkillers (unfortunatly needed). No stress, absolutly no negative stress what-so-ever. And Do Things I Enjoy! Thats even why I write this today. It is for me.






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