We got an urban garden again.

We have a garden again! Not attached to our house and not in the perfect climate of Zambia, BUT it is a place to grow things! In the small town we live we found a small community garden with the possibility ot rent a 50 or 100 squaremetre plot and Mayani wrote them an email as soon as we moved here in November. And now he got a plot! Off course he took the bigger one. He could grow the whole area if he was allowed but I think 100 squaremetres is a good start.

After all we live in Sweden and the growing season here is much shorter than in Zambia and the methods so different. For starters we have to pre-grow seeds inside the house starting now and then plant them out. I have some experience from growing up, my mum is a keen gardener (not that I liked to help her), but Mayani has to restart. We have grown on my parents summerhouse before, mostly potatoes and tomatoes and some maize, now he wants to grow much more. Everything looks sad this time of the year but down are some “before” photos of the small land. Sylvia came to help daddy pick.


We got an urban garden again

I see myself drinking coffee in the sun along that fence and the kids helping Mayani pick all the vegetables we will eat for dinner. =) Looking something like this:

1416fc951c80e2c0dbd76608134140cdPhotocred @pinterest

Or how sweet does not this look? Imagine no house and a table for me and my coffee (or wine). I like small roads in between the growing patches while Mayani thinks the whole purpose of gardening is to get dirty.

1bfa44b3e8e6601cafa1c4e4af0a8657Photocred @pinterest

How wonderful it is to even be able to think about gardening and sitting in a garden! Spring is really approaching quick now and the darkness fading away.

3fb8029818be0cdebd9ab8629cf2ac15Photocred @pinterest

I know it will probably look far from this this year, but hey, let a girl dream! Even started making a playlist on Spotify called Garden Music that we will have playing softly in the back ground. And it might just be dreams, we live in Sweden after all and we might end up with a Spring and Summer that rains away. Or that gets hot and dry like last year and nothing will grow. So I might just dream while the future is still unknown.


PS: If you have any good garden shows, magazines or books, throw them my way. We need all inspiration we can get. DS.

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