13 things to think of when packing for a longer trip

So, we are flying to Lusaka over the Holidays and are staying for about five week. I can not emphasize enough how much I need this trip, this time of the year. And one thing I do when I am looking forward to something, I start preparing far ahead, maybe even too far ahead. This time it felt really necessary.
We usually travel with Ethiopian or KLM/Kenyan Airways and usually they let us pack 48 kg each in two bags. BUT NOT THIS TIME. We are aloud the standard one bag of 23 kg each, and you can imagine when you are going home, like we are doing we want to bring some stuff. So this time I started packing and preparing like three weeks ago.
I thought I should share some of my packing and preparing advice for a longer trip. We are flying from around 0 degrees Celsius to around 25-30 degrees Celsius and we are also flying to a place that right now have 12-15 hours of load shedding and hence no electricity or reliable wifi for most of the day.

So here we go:

  1. Start to pack and prepare in time. Like you can see down I started when we had 44 days left tot take off =).
  2.  Write a thorough list with EVERYTHING on it. Make sure its a list where you can check things off, either just use pen or paper or like I do, an app. The one I like the most for this is the Keep app from Google.
  3. Pack at least one sweater, one pair of jeans and a pair of stable weather proof shoes. Its not only going to be hot, its raining, so the evenings can be cooler and the roads are muddy.
  4. Mosquito repellent. You can buy in Zambia too but I love the one we have here in Sweden Mygga, so I bulk buy. Plus we will need it the first night, there is mosquitos at our house and we always sleep under mosquito nets (them we buy there though).
  5. Download shit. For example playlists on Spotify, movies and series on Netflix and books on Storytel, or on whatever platforms you are using. Make sure this is also done on your kids devices.
  6. Pack flash lights, head lights are really good, that run on batteries or re-chargeable lights that can be charged when electricity is there or from car charges. We bought some from IKEA that also looks cute.
  7. Make sure you have good power banks and the right cables for all your gadgets. Now this is if you are planning to use your phone on the place where you are going to. Personally, I want to be able to blog and update on Instagram, plus I also use the phone a lot to connect to people, find places and the most important thing, ITS MY ONLY CAMERA. So if I want photos from the trip I need to be able to charge my phone.
  8. Pack a small medicine stock for travelling. Not a lot is needed really but the most essential like Panadol, allergy tablets, wound care and some plasters is important to come with. In Lusaka there are good pharmacies and I know where to find them, if I was travelling elsewhere I would bring more (hey, I am a nurse). If you are on a medication bring them and the right paper work. And I also always bring hand sanitizer and off course sun screen!
  9. Also, and this is very important to us since our kids are now bigger, 11 and 6 years old, involve the kids. They are carrying their own hand luggage so make sure they know what is in them and how heavy they are, and also where in the luggage they find things. Like their head phones, pads, games and so on.
  10. When you pack, roll the clothes. If you have seen Marie Kondos techniques, thats the way! Saves so much space in the bag.
  11. Bring the bills that needs to be payed if you are gone over a paying bills period. Most of them come on email nowadays but some, like our rent, does not. (Another reason to be able to charge the phone.)
  12. Weigh the bags with a simple bag scale. Can easily be found cheaply at most convenient stores. We have this one.  This is an easy way to avoid annoyance at the bag drop at the airport
  13. Make sure all the passports are valid. Ours where not, now we have new ones.

Think that was all for now. How do you prepare for travelling?



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