An appreciating post to #bookstagram

The end of the year is here and it is naturally a time of contemplating what was good and bad during the year. We are also closing a decade this New Year, so much time that passed and I feel like I have hardly noticed. But our kid is turning 12 in March next year so obviously time has passed. A decade of mostly being a mum and moving places.

So  2019, what did you bring? For me it was not the best year. I have been struggling with pain and also with feelings of rootlessness. As I have written before this follows me through life. The one good thing with this year was that I found my way back to reading books. I joined #bookstagram and it gave me  alot of perfect moments of feeling like I belong and also plenty of book tips that I would never have found without it. Bookstagram has something that the “normal” Instagram has never given me, it is just joyful! I created a second Instagram profile (jchangalabooks, feel free to follow if you want to follow my reads) and it gave me a sense of freedom. Of just spending that time on books, focusing on what book to read and the joy of finding other people that enjoy reading the same books and just spreading good vibes. Being a complete nerd in just that field and not care about any other Instagram politics, or politics in general either.

I now its kind of escapism. Running away. Forgetting about the real world. It has always been, and I have always loved it, always needed it. The feeling of living in another story, another world, another time. Who doesn’t need that from time to time?

I started reading more frequent and sometime in May and from that I have managed to finish 23 books and I am reading three that I will probably finish before the year ends. I mostly have three books going on at the same time, one that I listen to, one e-book that I read on my iPad or my phone, and an actual paperback. So when I walk or drive, I can listen, when I do not fit a book in my bag I can e-read and when I don´t have the book at home but I have to read it now, now, I can borrow it from the library or buy it online. So all occasions covered!

And the best with this years reading is that it has given me so many good books! From inspiration by fellow Bloggers/Instagrammers Two Dusty Travellers  I decided to only read books written by women or BIPOC writers. This to broaden my views and read literature that is not familiar to me and the place I live in. It could not have been a better way to find and enjoy different stories from around the world and give me a great variety in the books I have read. I only read one book that did not fulfill this requirements and that was the biggest waste of my reading time this year. I wont even spend more time discussing it. Instead I will give you my 10 BEST reads of 2019.

Not in any particular order but here are the books I think you should all read if you haven’t already (will link you to Goodreads so you can read more about the books):

If you want to see which books I read go follow on Jenny ❤ Books. And go check #bookstagram if you want to get inspired to read more!

In 2020 I will continue reading women and BIPOC writers and am planning to follow a challenge by Reading Women Podcast to get even more ideas on what to read. Check down to see how it looks.


Happy New Year and Happy reading in 2020!




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