2020, whaaaat?

What do one do when everything is just falling out of control? And keeps falling and falling? Falling way down, giving you the feeling like you have to start over from the beginning again? Starting from scratch all over. That´s how 2020 feels so far for me and I have not much more to say about it. I do have a lot of feelings about it but I feel too much to even put it in to words. But grief, tiredness, sadness and full blown chaos is some of it. Or maybe this is just mid life crisis topped up with some corona and racism and other shit that is just regular things life is supposed to throw at you? Well, I have no answers and I am not going to be proactive about it or sound like I have any solutions on anything either. I am just writing because it feels (a lot of feelings, yes) like its the only thing I can actually do. Or taking photos, that I can still do. So let us watch some photos from 2020 and pretend that is was amazing!

Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “2020, whaaaat?

  1. Just nu får vi hårdträna på att se de små detaljerna. Lägga all planering åt sidan och vara glad att alla i familjen mår bra. Ta hand om dig! Jättefina bilder, älskar de starka färgerna!


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