Welcome again

This year has given it fair share of challenges. Right now I am sitting in the sofa watching the news about the election in the USA. It is very close and probably the results wont be done until later today. But does that even matter anymore? It is disappointing to me that it even has to be a close race. Is it so hard to accept other people and wish that all people should have the right to live free and safe? Because as long as we are not all free to love who we want, be who we want, look however we want, no one is free. The world is crying from all this hate and destruction and we just keep moving in the same steps as generations before us.

We need a change. We need to be the change. We can and we will have to, change the way we do things. But the systems are failing us since a climate change denier and racist can sit on one of the most powerful seats in the world.

So how do we change the system? We need new ways, new ideas. We need to start over. Leave the world of capitalism, opportunism and racism. And we all need to start with our self. What is a revolution in a system that is built on production, money making and consumption? Is it not to rest, stop the need of making money and very little, or even any consumption? What would happen if we all try to not serve the system as it is now? Maybe growing more of our own food, only work as much as we feel like, consume only the most necessary things. Sitting on our asses and talking to each other, making friends instead of writing angry tweets to billions of people. Building systems that serves us all, and build us up instead of taking the best of us. A system that is there when we need it. No matter who we are. No matter where we live and what we work with. No matter who we love or what are dreams are.

What is your thoughts on this? How do you want the world to be? Your life, your surroundings, your system?

So with this I say, Welcome again, to my litte space in the place called internet. From now on I will try to be authentic and honest in my writing and in what I share in this space.

Maybe someone will read something I write and be inspired. Maybe it will make them think, make them want to change something or work on something inside them. Be kind to someone or listen to a friend that has not been given the chance to speak. Maybe the will pay it forward. And if there is even the slightest chance that that can happen, it inspires me to try and write my thruth.

Be well!

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