Always this thing called weather

We have summer weather now. All this talk of weather, the controlling nature of its matter. How it changes moods and affects bodies. Weather in Sweden is everything, and nothing. Nothing to rely on. Sometimes I let myself wonder how we would be as a society if we had good weather all the time. Scary. But right now weather is good. This week we are … Continue reading Always this thing called weather

Complicated cake and family fun

This weekend we celebrated Alices 11th birthday. Her birthday was on Friday and we had invited the grandparents, the great grand ma and my sister with her family too a small party on Saturday. Alice loves baking so she had planned a marshmallow cake and she did (almost) everything on her own. She started with doing the cake bases, or the actual cake parts, on … Continue reading Complicated cake and family fun

Sylvia 2 years!

Happy birthday my dear little girl! Can really not believe that it is already two years since you came into our life under very stressful circumstances. You have never ever shown any signs though of being affected by that. Born 4 weeks early and left with your very proud grand mother after only 48 hours while I got treatment on another hospital. You are strong, … Continue reading Sylvia 2 years!