An appreciating post to #bookstagram

The end of the year is here and it is naturally a time of contemplating what was good and bad during the year. We are also closing a decade this New Year, so much time that passed and I feel like I have hardly noticed. But our kid is turning 12 in March next year so obviously time has passed. A decade of mostly being … Continue reading An appreciating post to #bookstagram

13 things to think of when packing for a longer trip

So, we are flying to Lusaka over the Holidays and are staying for about five week. I can not emphasize enough how much I need this trip, this time of the year. And one thing I do when I am looking forward to something, I start preparing far ahead, maybe even too far ahead. This time it felt really necessary. We usually travel with Ethiopian … Continue reading 13 things to think of when packing for a longer trip

Soon time for Holiday in Zambia

Hi after a long time! This is winter! Summer disappeared and so did I. Most of Autumn was spent working and reading and trying to catch as much sunshine as possible until the darkness arrived. I managed quite okay until the end of October when I got a cold and after that it has just continued being hard. This week I got a flare again … Continue reading Soon time for Holiday in Zambia

Treasures on the hard drive

This with blogging can be a hustle sometimes, or I make it a hustle most of the times. When I was moving photos from Mayanis computer to the new harddrive I got, I found a folder with all the photos from the posts I made on the previous What happened when I lost it was that I self hosted it with Bluehost, but when … Continue reading Treasures on the hard drive

Treasure hunting down town Lusaka

When Mayani needs to fix something and he has looked in all the building stores closer to home he goes down to the markets in CBD Lusaka to search. He almost always comes back with what he was looking for. I am telling you, you can find strange but very useful things that side. I don´t always come along, just the traffic is a hustle … Continue reading Treasure hunting down town Lusaka

Fashion in Zambia (I am back)

Soon we have lived in Lusaka, Zambia, for a year! Exclamation mark for sure because time just flies. It takes time to settle in, find schools, jobs and where to buy your food but to make a longer story short, we like it here. Zambia is warm, kind and colourful! Almost every day I see something that I have not seen before, a color shift … Continue reading Fashion in Zambia (I am back)